Fall Bible Lessons that Make an Impact

Apple picking, hay rides, county fairs, pumpkin carving, not to mention jumping in leaf piles- these are just a few of the many activities that make fall one of the best times of the year to enjoy nature and the simple pleasures of life. It also tends to be a very busy time of year with school, after-school activities, and community events that fill our calendars and our daily ration of time. In the midst of the swirl of activity happening all around us, how do we take time to communicate to children God’s deep love for them? 

I like to bring seasonal lessons to my home or Sunday School class whenever possible, and the season of fall brings a delightful opportunity to teach 3 of my favorite lessons: 1. You Are the Apple of God’s Eye, 2. The Pumpkin Parable, and 3. My Heart Is Thankful. You can teach one of these seasonal lessons each month- September, October, and November, respectively. Or if that does not work with your teaching plan, these lessons will work well at any point in the fall season! Here’s a sneak peak at each lesson, so you have some insight as to the hidden treasures found in each book:

1. You are the Apple of God’s Eye

‘Tis the season for apple picking, apple pie, apple cider donuts, homemade applesauce, and more! Since children are seeing apples all around them, I decided to take the scriptures from Psalm 17:8, Deuteronomy 32:10, and Zechariah 2:8 and teach them what God meant when He said that we are the apple of His eye.

Apple of God's Eye Interactive Book
Printable Interactive Book, You Are the Apple of God’s Eye. Perfect for children with language, attention, and/or learning delays!

Children learn that not only does God choose them, like we choose apples when we pick them, but that God tenderly protects them, the same way that we protect our eyes from harm. We are also reflected in God’s eyes because he watches over us so closely and intently.

2. The Pumpkin Parable

If you have never read this story before, then you and the children you teach are in for a real treat! This story compares our walk with the Lord to what happens in the transformation of a pumpkin to a jack-o-lantern. The Lord hand-picks us, washes us clean inside and out, carves us into who he wants us to be and then places His light inside of us! This story is a must-read year after year for any Sunday School class! There are coloring pages included with the book that coordinate well with this lesson!

The Pumpkin Parable
Printable book, The Pumpkin Parable, in color and black/white easy print version!
Pumpkin Parable interactive book
Printable Interactive Book, The Pumpkin Parable. Perfect for children with language, attention, and/or learning delays!

3. My Heart Is Thankful

Fall is not complete without teaching our children about thankfulness. This book not only includes scriptures about thankfulness, but also includes the story of how Jesus healed the 10 men with leprosy and only one of the men came back to say thank you. It provides some ideas for getting children to be thankful for some basic things in life that they may not ordinarily give thanks for, and it reminds them that thankfulness keeps our hearts content and peaceful. 

My hope is that you have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and delight that the fall season brings to us outdoors, and that you also have the opportunity to bring some of fall concepts indoors to your Sunday School or homeschooling classroom and weave these concepts into the hearts and minds of the young people you teach. Praise the Lord that He gives us concrete concepts in nature to teach our children about His love and His ways in a fun and memorable way!

Printable Interactive Book, My Heart is Thankful. Perfect for children with language, attention, and/or learning delays!

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