Easter Series: 5 Interactive/Adapted Books


This resource includes 5 interactive/adapted books, detailing the events of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. This resource is ideal for children with diverse learning needs as it provides and visual, hands-on approach to learning Biblical content. This resource is broken down into 5 books: The Last Supper, Jesus Is Arrested, Jesus Is Crucified, Jesus Is Risen, and Jesus Returns to Heaven. Corresponding coloring pages are also included!


This five-book Easter Series takes young people from the events of the Last Supper all the way to Jesus’ ascension to heaven in Acts 1. Written in simple, yet meaningful language, the interactive format of the books provides visual input and kinesthetic engagement for each aspect of the story, which is necessary for children with language, attention, and learning delays. The interactive format provides the means for children to read/listen to the book in a hands-on manner, thus engaging multiple parts of the brain, making it easier for them to attend to and retain the events of Jesus’ death and resurrection, which are cornerstone concepts of our faith.