I Can Talk to God- The Lord’s Prayer: An Interactive Book


This is the first book in our unit on prayer for a good reason: it is the prayer Jesus taught us all to pray! This book breaks down the Lord’s prayer in terms children can understand and depicts each aspect of the prayer with beautiful illustrations!


Few things are more important than teaching our children how to come before the Lord in prayer. This book explains the importance of the Lord’s prayer- the very prayer Jesus taught his disciples when he was on earth! With beautiful illustrations that depict each aspect of this prayer, the interactive option gives parents and teachers the opportunity to engage children with language, attention, or learning delays by utilizing a hands-on approach to reading. This engages multiple parts of the brain, making it easier for young learners to attend to and retain the Biblical concepts of the book. The hand-out at the end of the resource makes the prayer easier to read for future use. This is the first book in a series on prayer, so be sure to check out the other resources on different types of prayer. May God bless you as you provide the knowledge and means for children to come to the Lord in prayer!