Jesus Loves the Children: Interactive Book


A beautifully illustrated printable book about the Bible story of Jesus and the children. The hands-on, interactive feature of this book is ideal for children with language, learning, or attention delays, but is also a great teaching tool for children without disabilities. This resource also includes dot marker pages and coloring pages!


One of the most basic truths from the Bible that children need to learn is that Jesus loves them! Three different gospels accounts share the story of Jesus blessing the children. Now this beloved part of scripture is accessible to children with special needs, including those with language, attention, and learning delays. Written in simple, yet meaningful language, each page is accompanied by illustrations that portray this very important truth. The interactive option gives parents and teachers a way to involve children in a hands-on manner, thus engaging multiple parts of the brain, making it easier for young people to attend to and retain this important Biblical concept. Complete instructions for how to use the single-use cut and paste option or the multiple-use laminate and velcro option are included in this resource. This resource also includes corresponding dot marker and coloring pages!



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