The Pumpkin Parable: Interactive Book


The perfect fall Bible lesson for home or Sunday School! This story compares our own relationship with God to what happens in the transformation of a pumpkin to a jack-o-lantern! I hope you and the young people in your life have as much fun with this story as we did!


Autumn is a wonderful time of year to bring nature into our home or Bible classes. The Pumpkin Parable offers the perfect opportunity to bring an easily recognizable fall decoration (the jack-o-lantern) to your home or classroom and use it as a beautiful comparison to our walk with God. The Lord hand-picks us, washes us clean- inside and out, carves us into who He wants us to be, and places his own Light inside of us to shine in a dark world. With beautiful illustrations that depict the parable, the interactive option gives parents and teachers the opportunity to engage children with language, attention, or learning delays by utilizing a hands-on approach to reading. This engages multiple parts of the brain, making it easier for young learners to attend to and retain the Biblical concepts of the story. This resource also includes corresponding coloring pages!