The Story of Christmas: Print ‘N Go Book


The perfect addition to any Christmas Sunday School lesson or Christmas home library! This downloadable book explains the true story of Christmas with beautiful illustrations and kid-friendly language! This resource comes with a black and white book as well as a full-color book!


Do the children in your life know the real reason for Christmas? This book takes children from the known elements of Christmas such gift-giving and decorations and explains the lesser-known concepts of the Biblical story of Christmas, providing children with a strong foundation in truth as they celebrate Christmas. With beautiful illustrations and simplified language, this book is the perfect accompaniment to any Christmas tradition in the home or a Christmas lesson in Sunday School. This resource includes a black/white book and a full-color book, depending on your preference. For in-home use, I like to read the color version aloud, and then as part of our Advent tradition, have my children color in one picture per day leading up to Christmas! By the end, the children may even be able to read or explain (with the pictures as their guide) the story all by themselves!